AFR-75 Sublime by PDR Cigars

Enjoying an AFR-75 with a Great Lakes Christmas Ale at The Cigar Affair
Enjoying an AFR-75 with a Great Lakes Christmas Ale at The Cigar Affair

I’ve had a few of these AFR-75 sticks after watching a favorable review from Bryan at The name AFR refers to the blender, Abraham Flores Rosario. 75 is the year Abe was born (1975).

It comes in three sizes (I am smoking the Sublime);

  • Sublime: 5 x 56
    Edmundo: 6 x 58
    Immenso: 7 x 60

It has a very dark brown San Andres maduro wrapper that looks extremely rich and is silky. It also has a pigtail cap at the head. The prelight draw is perfectly loose and gives me a slight taste of sweet tobacco with some definite hints of pepper.

One of the characteristics that I liked so much from the review I watched was that this was putting off a lot of smoke. I was hoping for the same for my experience. It did not disappoint. The first third to half, I was getting plenty of flavor- including a faint sweetness with some floral notes. There was a white and black pepper on the draw and through the finish, but not overpowering. And plenty of smoke. This started off being a medium-bodied cigar that was hard to put down.

About halfway through, the strength kicked up a bit. Again, not overpowering but solid. I started getting a cocoa flavor, while still experiencing a cherry-like sweetness in the background. The floral notes dissipated and gave way to more earthy notes.

I enjoyed this down all the way to the nub. The overall performance of this AFR-75 was awesome. The draw stayed perfect and burn was great- not requiring any touch-ups whatsoever. I highly recommend this cigar.


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