Smoke Inn, The Great Smoke 2017

My goodie bag of cigars, hanging with Bryan Glynn from

So I finally attended my first “cigar event” this February down in Florida. It was sponsored by Smoke Inn, among others. The main event was held on a Saturday in Lake Worth, Florida at the American German Club. The sprawling facility had plenty of room for the representatives of the 45 cigar manufacturers, as well as the 3000+ cigar-event patrons. It was an all-outdoor venue that included a blues band, whiskey and bourbon tasting, good food and meeting new friends. And of course, plenty of cigars.

My friend Mark picked me up at the airport. Walking outside for the first time after arriving Friday morning was a shock to my senses. February in Ohio is always cold and dreary. That was the plan when I first booked the trip; leave cold and dreary Ohio for warm and sunny Florida. Great plan. I was greeted by the brightest sun I’d seen in a while, partnered with a mid-80’s warm breeze. The entire weekend was just as welcoming.

Friday night was a Rocky Patel event at the Casa De Montecristo Smoke Inn of Boynton Beach. Rocky wasn’t in attendance but his brother Nish and cousin Nimish both were, as well as a few hundred cigar enthusiasts. I settled in eventually with a Buffalo Trace bourbon and Rocky 20th Anniversary stick. Both were excellent.

Rocky Patel 20th Anniversary and Buffalo Trace bourbon at the Casa De Montecristo in Boynton Beach

Mark and I chatted, mingled, had a few cocktails and smoked a cigar or two. We met some new friends and soaked up the hospitality by the Smoke Inn staff. It was a fun and eventful evening.

Saturday was all about indulgence. We started with breakfast on the ocean at Benny’s on the Beach. After a great breakfast and a few cocktails we headed to the American German Club for the main event.

Maple Bourbon Smash from Benny’s. Breakfast drink of champions

The actual event started at noon and lasted four hours. We received grab bags and toured each vendor, getting a cigar at each stop. It was a bit chaotic but once we got our sticks, it was time to smoke.

We smoked cigars, tasted whiskies, listened to an awesome blues band and chatted it up with new friends. It was hot but the large Pavillion gave us much needed shade. The four hours passed like nothing and it was time to leave. After a nice dinner that evening, we stopped by Smoke Inn’s Casa De Montecristo for a nightcap. It was the perfect cigar-lover’s day.

The next morning, the final leg of the trip; a phenomenal all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, complete with all-you-can-drink bloody mary’s.

Bloody mary’s, cigars and plenty of sunshine and new friends at Casa De Montecristo

The only thing left to say is that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Go if you’re able and soak it all in.


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