Particulares Cremas Cigar


Particulares Cremas by Sindicato Cigars

I first learned of the Particulares Cremas at the Big Smoke event in Florida back in February 2017. I tried one and quickly fell in love. So much so, I ordered a box fromĀ Smoke Inn. I’ve smoked several since and haven’t been disappointed.

This cigar was recently reintroduced in a collaboration between Casa Fernandez and Sindicato. It’s of Cuban heritage and now made in Nicaragua, as you can see on the band. It is a Nicaraguan puro, with a tan Nicaraguan sun-grown corojo wrapper and includes Nicaraguan filler and binder tobacco. First light reveals a perfect draw and a mild to medium body. Right away, a creamy flavor comes through, with some light woody notes. The first third continues with some creaminess, along with a tangy citrus and some white pepper. Overall, medium bodied and mild to medium strength.

The ash flakes a bit and holds on for an inch or two. Burn is fairly even, requiring a minor touch-up. The second third continues with many of the same flavors but ramps up a little on the strength. White pepper seems to dominate, with that zesty citrus in the background. The smoke output is exceptional, which I love. There is a toast and graham cracker and coffee on the finish as I finish the second third.

The final third doesn’t reveal anything new and there isn’t any specific flavor that dominates. Just a very refined and consistent profile. I had to touch up the burn again but nothing major. The white pepper is still there, along with a hint of coffee and a slight tobacco sweetness is coming in on the finish- along with graham cracker. The strength is still at a solid medium.

Overall, this is a nice cigar to just sit back and enjoy. I’ve found this pairs quite well with coffee and can be a good morning or mid-day cigar. The creaminess hangs on throughout and provides a pleasurable experience. I’ve gifted several to friends who have enjoyed these as well.



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