Rocky Patel Catch 22 Sixty

Beautiful fall morning on the downstairs patio in Medina.
Beautiful fall morning on the downstairs patio in Medina.

This gem is a diamond in the rough. I happened to come across this cigar online- maybe watching a review. I was interested enough to buy a 5-pack from one of my favorite online cigar sites. I’ve tried a few Rocky Patel sticks and enjoyed them, so this was worth the shot.

It’s a 6″ x 60 stick with a very rich-looking, dark corojo wrapper. The name, Catch 22 has to do with the fact that this is a very flavorful, high quality cigar that should cost more. So what’s the catch? That’s what I wanted to find out. The smell is a barnyard aroma, with a hint of cocoa. I cut open the head and take a few dry, test draws. Very loose- perfect for me. I can taste a slight cocoa-like sweetness that makes my mouth water. I decide to light it up.

The Rocky Patel Catch 22 is a medium bodied, medium strength cigar. It has an earthy core, with hints of cocoa and a lingering sweetness throughout. I loved the loose draw and smokey output. Apparently, the “catch” is the fact that this a really good smoke at such an affordable price. My local shop wasn’t carrying these so I bought these off Cigar Bid for about $4 each. Sounds like a great deal and in my opinion, it is.


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